OROVILLE DAM – Emergency Response

We were part of the emergency response team for the tallest dam in the U.S. In 2017 Oroville Dam’s main and emergency spillways were damaged due to heavy rains. Erock was part of the drone inspections and data capture team. We provided with essential data for geodetic, geologist and engineering team.


Alternative Text: In 2017, Erock was part of an emergency response team tasked with assessing and addressing damage to the Oroville Dam, the tallest dam in the United States. Heavy rains had caused damage to the dam’s main and emergency spillways, prompting the call for an emergency response. Erock’s team used drones to inspect the site and collect data that was used by geodetic, geologist, and engineering teams to assess the situation and make necessary repairs. This data was crucial to the success of the emergency response.


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