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EROCK Associates, LLC has been working across industry as Consultants, Inspectors and UAV Robotics Operators to help clients monitor, evaluate and enhance their operations.  EROCK uses specially trained inspectors and drone pilots employing means and methods developed over many years of involvement in Mining, Major Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing, Offshore, Wind, Rail and more.  We provide services, sales and education and training in the safe use of these systems.  In combination with the latest drones and robotics, our systems are equipped with special sensors to capture data faster, safer, and better than ever possible in normal operations and in unfriendly environments.

Safety, Security and Emergency Management

We enhance our services with a robust Safety, Security and Emergency Management element designed to help you operate in a safe and secure environment protecting your employees, equipment, and assets, along with visitors and the general public in or around your area of operations.  We support company operated Safety Teams & Emergency Response Teams as well as the entire Public First Responder Community.


Our Mining Program maintains all the operating licenses and certifications as well as decades of experience in Blasting, Vibration Monitoring, Mapping, and Stockpile Assessments in both underground and open pit facilities.  Our team of experts can assist during normal operations, in adverse conditions and in support of Mine Rescue Operations.

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As innovative leaders, EROCK can help improve an organization’s performance by introducing unique solutions to project obstacles and encouraging creative behavior in the people they manage.  Based on your specific needs, project or otherwise, we employ innovative methods to ensure your goals and missions are achieved successfully.

EROCK has established a reputation as a solution partner capable of accomplishing tasks others thought were impossible. We made them not only possible but highly successful. Using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest in technologies EROCK has led the industry in the ability to capture, process and analyze critical data.

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High Hazard Areas: Confined Space, Vaults

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Safety, Security & Emergency Response

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Confined Space

At EROCK, we understand the difficulties that come with data collection and analysis in confined spaces. When our client wanted to gather information about a space that was too small for a lidar drone to access, we utilized a combination of confined space photogrammetry and lidar technology to provide a comprehensive solution.

Our team captured high-resolution images of the area using photogrammetry and processed the data to create a detailed representation of the space. This information was then combined with lidar data to provide our client with an accurate and in-depth understanding of the restricted area. This innovative approach to data collection and analysis demonstrates EROCK’s commitment to finding creative solutions to challenging data collection problems.

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